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CeConEx Interim Cleanroom management helps you achieve the desired cleanroom cleanliness level on site.

The CeConEx interim cleanroom manager can help with:

  • getting new employees employable in the cleanroom in a short term (coaching)
  • setting up and optimising (the quality of) visual inspections in the cleanroom
  • observing and enforcing the cleanroom policy (behaviour, cleanliness etc)
  • improving efficiency in the cleanroom
  • checking the cleanliness of the cleanroom, clothing, tooling and work tables
  • producing work instructions related to clean work (changing procedures)
  • discussing with employees cleanroom issues with respect to clean working
  • managing practical cleanroom matters (stock management of materials, cleanroom layout, downing room, etc.)

Interested in these services and the associated fees? Please contact us:

Roger Theunissen: +31(0)6 53 35 14 48.