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CeConEx, Connects you with pure Knowledge, Experience and Solutions 

CeConEx, Center for Precision Cleaning and Contamination Expertise is an engineering company with nearly 25 years of (international) practical experience in precision cleaning and contamination control issues.

CeConEx Engineering Support/Contamination Control

provides high-quality, independent services in solving precision cleaning and contamination-related practical problems and innovations in precision cleaning and contamination.

CeConEx Proces Development Precision Cleaning

develops processes for cleaning of high-tech components to achieve the required degree of cleanliness (for example for ASML up to Grade 1).

CeConEx Visual Inspection

is specialist in inspecting and categorising defects, stains, discolourations and damages on products/components, as a basis for performing a thorough root cause analysis.

CeConEx Courses

organises courses, practical days and training programmes on precision cleaning and contamination control. 

CeConEx consultants are broadly deployable in multiple disciplines: consultancy, project management, on-site engineering support, visual inspection, (international) on-site troubleshooting, research & development, literature review, writing technical documentation, (in-house) training, cleanroom behaviour improvement.

CeConEx has specialist knowledge in the following types of contamination:

  • Particles (air, water, chemical liquids and materials)
  • Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC/gaseous contamination)
  • Chemical contamination on surfaces (in coatings or in materials)
  • Chemical and/or physical induced contamination in high-tech production processes

CeConEx has extensive experience with various measuring equipment and measurement methods (stereo microscopy, particle counters (airborne as well as surface), Residual Gas Analysis (RGA), SEM-EDX, SIMS, optical systems, chemical analyses etc.