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The strict cleanliness requirements for components in the hight tech industry are described in (extensive) cleanliness specifications To meet these cleanliness requirements it is of main importance that the cleanliness specifications are clear, understood and implemented in the correct manner.


This course will give a brief overview of the need for and importance of cleanliness specifications. Several kinds of cleanliness specifications (for example different grades, vacuum cleanliness, surface cleanliness etc) will be explained. What kind of contamination is described in cleanliness requirements? And options to measure the reached level(s) of cleanliness, according to the required level of cleanliness, will be discussed


The course materials are in the English language. If all participants speak Dutch, the course will be teached in Dutch. If not, the course will be teached in the English language.

For whom is this course interesting

This course is interesting for everyone working with products/components that have to fulfill very strict cleanliness requirements. Not only first suppliers, but also sub-suppliers are very welcome. Cleanliness is important for all suppliers form start of the product until the final assembly.


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