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Products/components for high tech applications, must meet strict cleanliness requirements. To meet these requirements, working clean is very important throughout the production process.

Working clean

 Working clean means paying attention throughout the production chain (from material procurement to final assembly) to keeping products/components clean by not applying any contamination that cannot be removed (at a later stage in the production process) anymore.

This course focusses on the importance of clean working in practice. What does clean working mean for daily work practice? What types of contamination are there, what are the characteristics of these types of contamination? What happens when contamination gets into high tech equipment? How harmful can contamination be to high tech applications? What are cleanliness requirements and how are they used in practice?

This course aims to create awareness for:

  • understanding the need to work clean (awareness)
  • understand and work according to cleanliness requirements
  • recognising contaminating/risky situations during the production process ¬†(both inside and outside the cleanroom)


The course materials are in the Dutch language. If all participants speak Dutch, the course will be reached in Dutch. If not, the course can be teached in the English or German language

For whom is this course interesting

operator/welders/millers/material handlers/warehousmen/quality employees/manufacturing employees/NPI-engineers


For more information and conditions to participate, please contact us by phone: +31(0)6 53 35 14 48/+31(0)6 22 22 22 77