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Surfaces for vacuum and high tech applications (semiconductor, vacuum, solar, electronics, optics etc) have to meet increasing cleanliness requirements. These requirements have to be achieved and therefor quality inspection is one of the most important tools for quality control. In vacuum, the disturbance by outgassing is well known. In this course RGA measurements will be explained in its basics, interpretation and evaluation.


This course explains the basics of RGA measurement and practical usage of the resulting mass spectrogram of the RGA-measurement.

  • Basics of the RGA-measurement
  • Basics of outgassing in relation to vacuum (cleanliness)
  • Importance of precision cleaning and bake-out
  • What useful information can be taken out of the mass spectrograms?
  • Which sources can be used to evaluate the results?
  • What are the difficulties to interpret  the results from the RGA?


The course materials are in the English language. If all participants speak Dutch, the course will be teached in Dutch. If not, the course will be teached in the English language.

For whom is this course interesting

This course is interesting for quality managers, production managers, NPI-managers, manufacturing managers, R&D-engineers, process engineers, mechatronical engineers, validation engineers, process developers, contamination control engineers, precision cleaning engineers. Not only for the high tech industry, but also for other industries like optical, semiconductor, medical, architectural glass, solar, nuclear, aerospace, defense. 


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