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Components/products for high tech applications have to meet high cleanliness and quality requirements. Several precision cleaning technologies are applicated to meet these cleanliness and quality requirements. Cleaning can thus be necessary as a (pre)treatment of (semi) manufactured products. This course gives an overview of several precision cleaning technologies. The highlighted cleaning technologies can be used for cleaning of all kinds of materials like metals, polymers, glass, fiber, woven materials, ceramics etc.


The following precision cleaning technologies will be explained:

  1. Wet chemical cleaning (additives, surface-active components, acid etc)
  2. Ultrasonic cleaning
  3. Electrochemical cleaning (anodic and cathodic cleaning)
  4. CO2-cleaning (liquid & supercritical & solid)
  5. Cleaning with hydrofluoroethers
  6. Atmospheric plasma cleaning
  7. Sputter- or plasma cleaning
  8. Lasercleaning

In this course, the precision cleaning technologies itself, applications, possibilities, strengths and weaknesses, limitations and (negative) side effects will be highlighted. Comparisons between precision cleaning technologies will be made. The behaviour of surfaces and the different kind of pollutions will be explained. Also practical cases are explained and can be discussed. Preventing pollution and the application of nanocoatings (easy to clean, self-cleaning and hydrofobic surfaces) are shortly highlighted.


The cours materials are in the English language. If all participants speak Dutch, the course will be teached in Dutch. If not, the course will be teached in the English language.

For whom is this course interesting

This course is interesting for engineers, managers and technologists of all kinds of departments working with contaminated (base) materials, or materials that have to be cleaned as a processtep during production. This course is also interesting for engineers, managers and technologists already working with precision cleaning technologies and looking for new methods to clean (faster and/or better) for industrial purpose.


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