Cursusoverzicht/Course program 2020  


Contamination Control Basics*

ASML suppliers only

ASML permission required


Reinheidsspecificaties/Cleanliness specifications*

- 02 September/September 2nd 2020, Weert


 Residual Gas Analysis (RGA). Basics, Interpretation & Evaluation*

-  10 September/September 10th 2020, Weert


 Advanced course wet chemical precision cleaning technologies*

- 15 September/September 15th 2020, Weert


 Cleanroomgedrag/Cleanroom behaviour*

- 17 September/September 17th 2020, Weert



 - Location: Weert, The Netherlands or online

- Language: Dutch/English/German*  


Please contact us for more information. 

Neem voor meer informatie over het cursusaanbod of over het jaarprogramma contact op met

ir. Roger Theunissen, 06-53351448.


* The language used in our courses depends on the attending participants. If everyone speaks Dutch, the course will be taught in Dutch. If not, the course will be in English. Sheets and other presentation materials are in English. Courses can also be taught in German.