Introduction course contamination



This course is handling the basics of contamination(s) and its causes and consequences in industrial manufacturing processes. Due to increased specifications for products and (semi) manufactured parts, the manufacturing process is not only described by the process parameters but also by the parameters, circumstances and situations which should be avoided.

Content of this course

This course describes the basics of contaminations and the kind of contaminations which can occur in sequential industrial manufacturing processes and cause problems. It describes conveniently the contamination processes (aging, corrosion, cross contamination and so on) based on practical experience. This course is the basis for learning about contaminations which contribute to the loss of quality and yield losses in production processes (e.g. defects) and resulting products.

  • Basics of contamination (explanation, level, sources, organic, inorganic, matrix and so on)
  • Characteristics of contaminations
  • Surface, material and process contamination
  • Processes contributing to contamination (corrosion, aging, electromigration and so on)
  • Effects of contamination
  • Practical examples of contaminations


For whom is this course interesting?

Engineers, (production)managers and technologists of all kind of departments working with contaminated or polluted base materials, (semi-manufactured) products or (parts of) machines.  Highlighted are contaminations for example in vacuum and high tech processes. 

This course is also interesting for surface (coating  & cleaning) technologists who experience surface (coating) defects or quality and yield losses in production processes like for example:

Cleaning of parts necessary for vacuum in high tech processes

Vacuum deposition processes (PVD, CVD, ALD, and so on )

Vacuum plasma treatments

Precision cleaning

High tech deposition processes


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