Improving the quality and speed of wet chemical cleaning processes



Surfaces for applications with (extremely) high requirements like vacuum and high tech applications (solar, EUV, electronics, optics and so on) have to meet now and in the nearby future, increasing requirements with respect to their cleanliness. Often wet chemical cleaning processes are applied to clean surfaces. But not always with good results as is necessary. The wet chemical cleaning method can cause serious practical problems due to improper application of steps in the integral cleaning process. Some of these problems can be solved by recleaning but this is leading to an extra loss of manhour and/or (cleaning)capacity. But recleaning is not always possible, which might implicate loss of products. The reliability of the cleanliness of the resulting surface and therewith also the demand on the reliability of the applied wet chemical cleaning process, is gaining importance in the (high tech) industry. This workshop is organized to overview conveniently the cleaning processes and their practical problems applied on metals like for example drying stains, corrosion and contamination. Also improvements, solutions and/or pragmatic ways to decrease these problems will be discussed with the participants.


This course is divided in 3 parts. During this course participants will work on practical cases and apply during teamwork their acquired knowledge and experience on interesting practical problems.

1. Quick overview of wet chemical cleaning methods 

  • Wet chemical cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Electrochemical cleaning
  • Rinsing processes
  • Drying processes


2. Problems in practice, side-effects and limitations in practice with wet chemical cleaning proceses 

  • Pollution/contamination by the cleaning method
  • Side effects
  • Damage of the substrate
  • Discolouration on the surface
  • Delamination of coatings
  • Drying stains
  • Corrosion and so on 


3. Working on practical cases with the participants 

During the course itself but more explicitly this part, cases of the industry or issues of the participants can be used as working cases to actively work on issues. This can create possibilities to encounter problems and/or create suggestions for improvement.


For whom is this course interesting?

This course is interesting for engineers, (production) managers and (hands on) technologists of all kind of departments working with wet chemical cleaning processes due to contaminated or polluted base materials, (semi-manufactured) products or (parts of) machines. This course is also interesting for surface(coating) technologists who experience coating defects or quality losses (loss of adhesion) because of (suspected) improper wet chemical cleaning. Also for coating technologist working with the vacuum related processes like, plasmatreatment, PECVD, CVD, PVD, sputtering, evaporation and thinlayer technology and so on.  This workshop is in general  interesting for the following industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Semiconductor, Data storage, Defence, Displays, Electronics, Industrial Products, Lightning, Pharmaceutical, Photonics, Semiconductor, Solar Photovoltaics



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