Clean working for production facilities in high tech industry



Surfaces of products/components for vacuum and high tech applications (solar, EUV, PVD, CVD, vacuumbrazing, electronics, optics and so on) have to meet increasing requirements with respect to their cleanliness. This course provides rules, knowledge and experience with respect to the production /assembly of clean, high tech products.  Processing at a high quality and/or zero defect requires understanding of contamination and its sources.  This course gives an overview of practical contaminations as occurring in high tech and vacuum applications. Also the effects of the contamination on the applications itself are explained.  With this course participants are able to understand the (sources of) contaminations on surfaces, the effects of contaminations, the methods to remove contaminations and important rules for clean working.


Day 1 Understanding contamination in practice 

  • Contamination on surfaces 
  • Kind of contaminations (fingerprints, films, particles, oxides, matrixes and so on)
  • Causes and sources of contaminations
  • Particle contamination
  • Particle formation
  • Sources of particles
  • Adhesion of particles
  • Particle removal processes
  • Monolayers of contaminations
  • AMC (Airborne Moleculair Contamination)
  • Contamination due to surface/coating defects
  • Materials defects causing contamination (porosity, inclusions,..
  • Prevention of contaminations in practice
  • Explanation ESD (ESD = Electro Statical Discharge)
  • ESD-defects/damage, explanation ESD, solutions for ESD-problems


Day 2 Clean working in practice 

  • Effects of contaminations on vacuum and high tech applications
  • Rules for clean working for production people
  • Essentials basis for clean working
  • Cooperation
  • Intervention
  • The importance for teamwork in de cleanroom
  • Mistakes in practice
  • Precisioncleaning (wetchemical) 


For whom is this course interesting?

This course is specially made for operators, mechanical & electrical engineers, component assemblers  and production employees working in a clean(room) working area who want to learn how to work regarding this topic. Also people who clean parts for high tech applications (production, assembly and so on). This course is interesting for the employees of the following industries: Precision components, Aerospace, Automotive, Semiconductor, Data storage, Defence, Displays, Electronics, Industrial Products, Lightning, Pharmaceutical, Photonics, Semiconductor, Solar Photovoltaics



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