Advanced course wet chemical precision cleaning technology



Surfaces for vacuum and high tech applications (semiconductor, vacuum, solar, electronics, optics and so on) have to meet increasing cleanliness requirements. To apply the right cleaning method and also handling procedure, the knowledge of precision cleaning, contamination and contamination control is evident. Processing at a high quality level and low level of defects requires an understanding of contamination and its sources.

The goal of this day is to give the participant a better in-depth knowhow of the wet chemical cleaning technology which is one of the most applied cleaning technologies. The effects of contamination on the component or product surface itself, as well as possible cleaning technologies will be explained. Wet chemical cleaning methods are well able to remove contamination from the product, but when used incorrect, this cleaning technology can cause a lot of contamination issues. These issues are also highlighted during this day.


The following topics of the wet chemical cleaning are covered:

1. Introduction in wet chemical precision cleaning

2. Process parameters of wet chemical cleaning

  • The right chemistry to clean
  • The rinsing process
  • The drying process
  • Protection/packaging of cleaned components

3. Quality and process control

  • Product quality
  • Process control
  • Contamination risks due to the wet chemical cleaning process
  • Stains, discolorations due to the wet chemical cleaning process
  • General mistakes in daily industrial practice of precision cleaning 

4. Developments in wet chemical precision cleaning



The course handout is in the English language, the course itself is in the Dutch language (or in the English language when English speaking participants are present). 


For whom is this course interesting?

This course is interesting for managers, projectleaders, production managers and engineers who have to deal with contamination sensitive (key)processes or components or cleanroom technology. Industrial areas for which this course is relevant are: semiconductor, harddisk, cleanroom assembly, flat panel displays, architectural glass, optical, defense, solar, nuclear, electronic, medical, aerospace.

Level of this education program

Technical college level (HBO+)/University degree. Basic understanding of chemistry and physics is necessary.



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